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Bespoke Wooden Garden Structures Sutton Coldfield

Garden architecture that looks good and is designed to last.

bespoke timber garden architecture _ Sutton Coldfield
bespoke timber garden architecture _ Sutton Coldfield

Unique Wooden Structures for Your Garden

Whether it's a hot-tub shelter, a pergola or gazebo, we pride ourselves on our ability to create totally unique, bespoke timber structures in Sutton Coldfield to the highest standards, using materials that look good and which are designed to last. 

Our timber structures can be made using oak, cedar, treated softwood, or we can build products you may have purchased in kit form, taking the stress out of assembly. 

Concept to Completion Service

We offer a concept to completion service with each project, to ensure you get exactly what you are after. If you are unsure what may work in your space, feel free to get in touch so we can understand what you are trying to achieve.

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Jake and the team were excellent from the word go!

From meeting them back in early 2021, explaining our vision and put together with there ideas we were happy with the plans and drawings. The project in itself was a great experience with them, really friendly, approachable and adaptable to what we wanted and innovative ideas to help us make the most out of our space outside. We are very happy with the finish and even with very few snagging issues we had it wasn’t an issue to get them resolved and correctly.

Highly recommend this company/team as they are professional, trustworthy and a great team to have being the garden to life. Great to use a local company.

Thanks again to the three of you.


Gallery: Wooden Garden Structures

Bespoke timber archtitecture Sutton Coldfield


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Bespoke Wooden Garden Structures FAQs


What is a pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams.


Which way should a pergola face?

Generally you want a pergola to be positioned to get the most from your garden, so it will act as a sort of open outdoor room.


Can a pergola be build on decking?

Yes we can build a pergola on a decking area. 


Which is better: a pergola or a gazebo?

They both have different uses, a gazebo is great for over a hot tub and can be used all year round, whereas a pergola is great for in summer when you want a usable open space. 


What if we don’t have side access?

In the past, we have either gone through the property, applying a lot of protection to the floors and walls, or another alternative is using your neighbour’s access. 


What areas do you cover?

We are based in Sutton Coldfield and operate within this area most of the time, however we also cover most of the West Midlands depending on the project, including Lichfield and Tamworth.


Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.


How much does a pergola cost to build?

The cost of a pergola depends entirely on the size of the project, and materials used, but typically start at around £700.


How much does a gazebo cost to build?

Gazebos can cost anywhere from £1,500 - £5,000 depending on the size of the project, and the materials used, as well as what type of base preparation is required.


Can a gazebo be installed on grass?

We can build a pergola on a lawned area, but tend to recommend building onto a patio or paved area. 


Will you need access to my house?

No, not at all. We only need access to a tap, and a power supply. 


Do you work all year round / is there any time of the year you cannot carry work out?

We do work all year round yes, however during the colder winter months we have to be cautious with certain parts of a project, such as using cement/concrete as we can only do this when temperatures are over 5 degrees.


Do I have to pay for a consultation?

We offer all of our consultations free of charge. This includes a quote, and drawing (if required). For more advanced, and higher budget projects where a 3D CAD design, and detailed planting plan is needed we do charge for this but this is always discussed once we have developed an initial quote. 


Do you manage everything during the project?

We manage everything. Labour, skips, design, materials, deliveries, and sub-contractors & specialist trades as and when required. Leaving you to sit back and enjoy watching your ideas come to life!

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