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Bespoke Garden Sheds Sutton Coldfield

We build fully bespoke garden sheds, made to meet our client's needs and budget.


Garden Sheds

A shed isn't always the most exciting part of any garden, but it is often essential for extra storage. Our shed building service can cater to any requirements and are all built using premium treated timber.

We build bespoke timber sheds to your exact needs, from small tool sheds which are best suited to those with smaller gardens, to larger units which can also be used for workshops. 

Shed Building Service

Our bespoke shed building service can include preparation of the base, design and construction of the shed, along with any extras such as flooring, insulation, or even shelving and insulation if required. 


Bespoke Garden Shed FAQs


How much does a bespoke garden shed cost?

As all of our sheds are fully bespoke we don't have a set price, so please get in touch to discuss your project and we will give you a quote!


How do you choose a garden shed?

Choosing the right shed all starts at where it will be positioned in your garden, and what it will be used for. Give us a call or email today and we will be happy to run through the options with you.


Can I put a garden shed on decking?

Yes absolutely, we can build a shed onto a deck.


Will you need access to my house?

No, not at all. We only need access to a tap, and a power supply. 


Do you work all year round / is there any time of the year you cannot carry work out?

We do work all year round yes, however during the colder winter months we have to be cautious with certain parts of a project, such as using cement/concrete as we can only do this when temperatures are over 5 degrees.


Do I have to pay for a consultation?

We offer all of our consultations free of charge. This includes a quote, and drawing (if required). For more advanced, and higher budget projects where a 3D CAD design, and detailed planting plan is needed we do charge for this but this is always discussed once we have developed an initial quote. 


Do you manage everything during the project?

We manage everything. Labour, skips, design, materials, deliveries, and sub-contractors & specialist trades as and when required. Leaving you to sit back and enjoy watching your ideas come to life!


How long does building a bespoke garden shed take to complete?

Normally a shed will be complete from start to finish in just 1-2 days, but this depends on if there is an existing base, if you don't have a base this is also something we can help you with. 


Do I need planning permission for a garden shed? 

No, garden sheds do not need any planning permission.


Does a garden shed add value to a home?

Storage is often a key factor for buyers when they’re viewing a property, meaning that seeing a shed in the rear garden is usually seen as a big positive, as sheds are great places to store items like mowers and garden tools. 


What if we don’t have side access?

In the past, we have either gone through the property, applying a lot of protection to the floors and walls, or another alternative is using your neighbour’s access. 


What areas do you cover?

We are based in Sutton Coldfield and operate within this area most of the time, however we also cover most of the West Midlands depending on the project, including Lichfield and Tamworth.


Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

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