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Case Studies

At Bespoke Garden Designs we are able to take your project from concept to completion. Take a look through some of our case studies to get an understanding of the design and build process.

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Japanese Zen Garden, Four Oaks

We were approached by our client to help her turn her unappealing paved back garden into a relaxing space to enjoy, and to look out at. The brief was fairly simple, to create a Zen themed garden, which would be a low maintenance and relaxing space to enjoy.

Even in this small space, this project covered all bases. Multiple planters, a small patio, stepping stones, standing slates to add some height and interest, a variety of ornamentation dotted amongst various trees and shrubs. A decking 'bridge' crosses over the pebble stream to the brightly themed pergola; this is a main focal point, but also acts to hide the shed alongside the bamboo. As well as this it helps to create the feeling of multiple areas through the garden, as though you are going on a journey and entering the patio area through another entrance (to resemble a Japanese temple/tea room), helping keep interest in this smaller of spaces.

Our client's feedback from this project: "Jake, Rachel and Charlie have done a fabulous job of transforming our paved back garden into a beautiful area that we now want to relax in. They listened from the very beginning to our needs and then Jake drew up the design, which gave me insight into what the finished product might look like. But it looks so much better than I even hoped for. Thank you Jake, Rachel and Charlie. Yes I would definitely recommend Bespoke Garden Designs."  - Mrs J. Holmes

Before we started work the garden was originally just a paved area with a shed
Following on from our initial consultation we produce a plan drawing, along with ideas & examples
Step 1 normally involves clearing the old area. In this case it was to remove the old patio
Once the old paving was removed, we could start to put in the key areas & structural features
The next stage involved introducing planters & plants
Next we moved onto putting down a quality weed membrane, along with the pebble river
Final details include grouting, planting and painting where required
The considerate planting in this garden really helped create a vibrant & interesting space
Once completed, the space was unrecognisable compared to how it was before
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Modern Garden Transformation with Porcelain Patio, Sutton Coldfield

Initially, the area was an uneven lawn & old tree stumps behind a very small patio
After removing the old patio & enlarging the space, an MOT Type1 Base is compacted & leveled
We took time to ensure the patio lines matched with the clients indoor tile lines for seamless conti
The completed patio requires 48hrs for the full base to set, as the rest of the prep is underway
The final sleepers get set alongside the preparation of the full path & lawn area
A modern style of path with complementing edging blocks, for ease of lawn mowing
Finishing touches make all the difference - a mixed stone to complement the porcelain tile
Planting is such a key feature & can be adjusted to suit how green-fingered you are!
The completed transformation, providing a low-maintenance & modern garden for family life

A fantastic project completed in 2021 which involved a whole garden transformation. Taking an old patio and extending this area out to optimise the usable space, as well as introducing low maintenance borders, planting, and a new shed.

Our client's had recently moved into this property and were looking to give the garden a much needed re-vamp. Being quite a young family, with a dog, they were looking for a space to enjoy and entertain which was pet friendly and which wasn't too maintenance heavy. We worked with them on a design, and fine tuned our initial plans based on their feedback, providing them with samples of materials to get the desired finish and to achieve a very contemporary, bright space which would compliment the kitchen and dining area to the rear of the property. 

Our client's were away on the final few days of the garden build and on return this was their feedback: "So we’re home and feel like we're in someone else’s house or in a programme off the telly - it’s ABSOLUTELY incredible - you have done everything so perfectly there’s nothing we would change and we are so grateful it’s amazing amazing amazing. Literally a garden from our dreams. Thank you SO much."  - Mrs P. Kay

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Tiered Garden with Composite Decking & Porcelain Patio, Tamworth

This project based in Tamworth involved building a much more appealing and usable space for a young family with children and dogs to enjoy. Our client's had recently built an extension onto the property, meaning there was little space between the new patio doors and old retaining wall, this was not a great outlook for our client who did a lot of home working, but also meant the steps were in the wrong position and made getting up to the garden an inconvenience.

The changes we made involved dividing the garden into multiple levels, with porcelain steps centered to the doorway, for easy access up to a large grey composite decking area. Now, our client's have a patio, and decking area to enjoy, which is divided with bright, hardy plants which flood the living space with greenery and also act to soften the hard landscaping elements within the space.

Our client's feedback for this project: "Choosing Bespoke Garden Designs to improve my garden was a brilliant decision. My garden was transformed into a fantastic place, which I can now enjoy all year long. With great design, work was completed in well organised and efficient way. I am certain that should I need any more work to be done, I will not hesitate to call them first. Thanks!" - Mr. J. Winter

Initially a small, uneven walkway led from the extension
Not a particularly safe environment for kids or a nice outlook from the new office
We took down the brick wall & re-enforced the lawn with a modern sleeper wall
Long, wood-effect porcelain planks on a full cement bed complemented the interior flooring
The decking frame was built to hold the weight of the hot-tub
Under the composite decking we always ensure to membrane & use black weather tape on the joists
The brown sleepers were further treated, highlighting the natural grain of the wood
A journey through the blossoming planters leads seamlessly to the upper level of the garden
Finally, a bright & family friendly space was the first step of this garden transformation
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