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Decking Design & Installation Sutton Coldfield

Bespoke Garden Designs offer decking design and installation in Sutton Coldfield. Maximise your garden space with professional composite decking.


Bespoke Decking Design

A decking area is the best way to maximise space in your garden, creating a bespoke and ever changing environment to suit every need. When designed and built well, it can feel like an extension of your home's living space, providing a flexible outdoor area to enjoy.

Composite Decking Installation

We take on all aspects of decking design and installation in Sutton Coldfield, including softwoods, hardwoods, as well as being specialists in composite decking, with Bespoke Garden Designs being approved  installers of NeoTimber composite decking.


Jake & Rachel (assisted by Charlie) worked on our garden creating a new composite deck, repairing and replacing fencing and gates and other woodwork. They were great to work with, punctual, friendly, polite, flexible (because of the weather!) and always very professional. We are absolutely delighted with the end result and recommend them wholeheartedly 👍🏻

Mrs N Parsons


Case Study: Composite Decking

Tiered Garden with Composite Decking & Porcelain Patio, Tamworth

This project based in Tamworth involved building a much more appealing and usable space for a young family with children and dogs to enjoy.


Our clients had recently built an extension onto the property, meaning there was little space between the new patio doors and old retaining wall, this was not a great outlook for our client who did a lot of home working, but also meant the steps were in the wrong position and made getting up to the garden an inconvenience.

The changes we made involved dividing the garden into multiple levels, with porcelain steps centered to the doorway, for easy access up to a large grey composite decking area.


Now, our clients have a patio, and decking area to enjoy, which is divided with bright, hardy plants which flood the living space with greenery and also act to soften the hard landscaping elements within the space.

black (1).png

Client Feedback

"Choosing Bespoke Garden Designs to improve my garden was a brilliant decision. My garden was transformed into a fantastic place, which I can now enjoy all year long. With great design, work was completed in well organised and efficient way. I am certain that should I need any more work to be done, I will not hesitate to call them first. Thanks!"

Mr. J. Winter


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Decking Design and Installation FAQs


What sort of decking is best for my property?

It depends on the style you are going for, and how much maintenance you are prepared to put into your decking area. Typically hardwoods require the most maintenance, whereas a typical composite decking requires the least maintenance but typically suits much more modern homes. We can provide samples and discuss the pros and cons of each. 


How much does composite decking installation cost?

It depends entirely on the size of the area, what style of decking you are after and many other factors. To get an accurate price, its best to get in touch and speak to us regarding your project. 


Is composite decking worth the money?

In our opinion, yes it is. The boards require less maintenance, and stand up to the elements much better than most timber decks. 


Do you need foundations for decking?

Yes, we either build a deck onto a timber frame and base, or concrete pad & pile system. Each installation is different so we will assess this based on the area. 


What if we don’t have side access?

In the past, we have either gone through the property, applying a lot of protection to the floors and walls, or another alternative is using your neighbour’s access. 


What areas do you cover?

We are based in Sutton Coldfield and operate within this area most of the time, however we also cover most of the West Midlands depending on the project, including Lichfield and Tamworth.


Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.


How long do decking projects take to complete?

It depends entirely on the size of the project, but it can be anywhere between a few days, and a few weeks. We always advise on timings at the very start, and try and stick to these where possible, but sometimes there are hold ups but we always do our best to minimise these as much as possible. 


Why is composite decking so expensive?

Composite decking is more expensive than a softwood decking system, but this is mainly down to the manufacturing processes and the advanced technology within the board. Due to this, they last much longer and the cost is offset over a longer lifespan. 


How long does composite decking last?

A good composite decking system will last for 25 years+ if looked after. The NeoTimber boards we use give a 25-Year Limited Warranty for residential applications and 10-years for commercial applications, meaning they truly do stand the test of time. 


Will you need access to my house?

No, not at all. As long as we can have access to an external power supply and a water source we are able to carry out most works.


Do you work all year round / is there any time of the year you cannot carry work out?

We do work all year round yes, however during the colder winter months we have to be cautious with certain parts of a project, such as using cement/concrete as we can only do this when temperatures are over 5 degrees.


Do I have to pay for a consultation?

We offer all of our consultations free of charge. This includes a quote, and drawing (if required). For more advanced, and higher budget projects where a 3D CAD design, and detailed planting plan is needed we do charge for this but this is always discussed once we have developed an initial quote. 


Do you manage everything during the project?

We manage everything. Labour, skips, design, materials, deliveries, and sub-contractors & specialist trades as and when required. Leaving you to sit back and enjoy watching your ideas come to life!

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